U9A Rounders v Belhaven Hill

Wednesday 31st may 2017

U9A Rounders 31st May

St Mary’s arrived for a second match against Belhaven, this time an away fixture. Having beaten them in the last match the U9A’s were full of confidence. St Mary’s unfortunately lost the toss again and went in to bat first but didn’t bat very well and scored very few rounders.

Belhaven’s turn to bat and although they didn’t bat well St Mary’s fielding was under Parr and the first half of the match finished with a draw.
All to play for in the second innings but Sty Mary’s batting let them down again and they only accumulated a score of 3 rounders with two added on for no balls. Things were not looking good for the last innings but some quick thinking from St Mary’s resulted in a number of Belhaven girls being stumped out. The final score was going to be close and it was unlikely St Mary’s were going to get a win but the Belhaven batters made some unwise running decisions and the U9A team were able to stump them all out.

The final score was 11-9 ½ to St Mary’s, another win but the team know it wasn’t their best game. We are looking forward to a more focussed game against Ardvreck next week.

Anna ( ½ ), Sophie ( 1 ½), Cadence ( ½ ), Kate ( ½ ), Lily, Emily  (1 ), Tiggy (1 ½), Skye ( 1 ½ ), Iona (1).
Mrs Rhodes

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