Week ending 2nd June 2017 

Monday 29th May 

Boarders began the night by crowding into the kitchen to cook Chicken Fajitas. After making a mess of the kitchen and enjoying their succulent dishes, boarders went to ICT to do prep. It wasn't long before an hour had passed and pupils headed outside to enjoy a game of football. Some of the girls opted to do something more crafty however, and went to the art room with Mrs Stuart to do some decoupage. Their masterpieces were all in aid of decorating the new girls boarding house and it will be lovely for the girls to see their creations up on the walls once the house is completed. At 7:30pm the juniors, closely followed by the Seniors, came in for showers and bed, wrapping up an awesome night in the boarding house. 

29 may 1

29 may 2

29 may 3

29 may 4


Tuesday 30th May

Boarders met in the common room looking ready for midterm, but smiling nonetheless. After catching up on the week so far, we headed to the dining hall for Gammon Steak, green beans and potato. It was a delicious dinner that left the boarders feeling full and ready to tackle their revision for next week's exams. After studying so hard, and considering how far into the term we are, inside time was deemed an appropriate activity for tonight. Boarders had the option of Twister, Air Hockey, free time in the ICT lab or lounging in the common room and watching an animal documentary. It was the perfect opportunity for boarders to get some much needed down time and made for a smooth transition to showers, snack and bed. 

30 may 1

30 may 2

30 may 3


Wednesday 31st May

The number of boarders who congregated in the common room was relatively small to begin with tonight, most pupils travelling away for matches and arriving at different times throughout the evening. After eating a delicious chicken stir fry for dinner, all the pupils headed out to the tennis courts for some free time. The Open Boys Cricket team were still playing their match against Belhaven so boarders revealed in the opportunity to lie in the sun and watch their friends play. Once all boarders had returned from matches, we took a field trip to Melrose Park. This provided a different environment for the pupils to play in - a game of touch being set up on the grass and other pupils choosing to explore the park's playground. To top it all off, Mr Whitelaw bought everyone an ice cream to celebrate another day of lovely weather. What a fantastic night to be a boarder at St Mary's! 





Thursday 1st June

There was a hum of chatter coming from the common room as the boarders waited for roll call. After checking attendance, pupils went to the dining hall for noodles, sausages and vegetables. This delicious dinner set pupils up for some quiet prep, the last opportunity for revision before the weekend and next week's exams. At 7pm, everyone moved outside to get some fresh air and have some good old fashioned fun. Mr Brown had hauled a rope from the rugby club and set up tug a war on the front pitch. Different combinations of boarders all competed against each other in the ultimate test of strength and had a jolly good time in the process. It was then time for showers and bed, another great night of boarding concluding week 7.


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