Science Workshops

On Friday Form 2 and 5 were treated to a presentation and workshop from Yves and Sarah from the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. The visit was to tie in with the Science topics the classes have been studying; Form 2 – Fossils and Form 5 – Evolution.

science workshops

science workshops 1
Form 2 listened very carefully to a PowerPoint all about fossils and were shown a variety of different types.  They were able to identify some examples and were very keen to ask lots of questions.  The children were then split into two groups and had the opportunity to handle a large selection of fossils and look at them closely through a hand lens.  There was a buzz of excitement in the room and lots of conversation which included ‘Wow, look at that!’ ‘What’s this?’ ‘I wonder how old this one is?’
Science workshops 2

science workshops 3

science workshops 4

Form 5 were also given a very interesting Powerpoint  presentation about evolution and the work of James Hutton and Charles Darwin. They learned how fossils have played a huge part in the development of evolutionary theories and were fascinated to learn that it is now widely thought that dinosaurs were feathered and from skeletal comparisons their closest living relative is thought to be a chicken! The children were then able to examine the cast of one of the earliest fossils and compare it to other creatures. They also looked at the evolutionary development of a horses leg and were interested to see that they were once three toed and very small. The children asked a range of interesting and thoughtful questions and loved the chance to speak to real experts!
We are very grateful to Yves and Sarah for making the trip down to St Mary’s.  Both classes learnt a great deal and our visitors definitely inspired our young, inquisitive scientists.

Mrs Fresle and Mrs Runciman


Jules Birdsall, 30/05/2017