Wednesday Games

24th May 2017

Wed games session
Last Wednesday saw the girls out on the hottest day of the year so far. After filling up our water bottles and applying plenty of sunscreen, we headed out to the orchard for an afternoon of rounders. Skills practice took place in the shade cast by those lovely large beech trees that surround the field. Underarm and over arm throwing, catching the ball at a distance and Mrs SA’s famous Stop and Drop, for catching balls rolling along the ground. This move proved to be especially useful for backstop. We then went into some drills to practice batting, bowling, fielding and backstop. All the girls took turns at all 4 positions, which was useful for developing their awareness of every aspect of the game.
wed games session 2

Then it was out into the sun for a 4-a-side game. With so few players, we all had to work very hard in our positions to keep the game going, especially at bat. The girls fielded particularly well, communicating with each other and making sensible decisions on how best to stop Mrs Stuart from scoring a rounder! A good number of half rounders were scored and one full rounder right at the end of the match finished off the session perfectly. Well done to the girls involved for all their hard work.

Mrs Stuart


Jules Birdsall, 29/05/2017

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