U9A Cricket v Fettes

24th May 2017

78 to 41

This week’s fixture against Fettes was one that I had personally been looking forward to most this year, Mr Mill was bringing his Under 9 lads down for an A and B fixture on the back pitch. The weather was the best we’ve had this entire term and there was significant scope for tanning with temperatures hitting as high as 21°Celsius.

We were setting the bar first by opening the batting, with John and Henry, who did rather well gaining 44 runs over four overs, and managed to melt five “4s” and make numerous runs, supplemented by the occasional wide and no bowl.

Josh and Ollie were up next, who despite having been the top scorers in previous games, had a rather calm few overs and only managed to snaffle up 9 runs overall, and conceded two wickets. However, they made up for this with some tremendous fielding later on in the game.
Tristan and Isaac B batted as the third pair and had a good game, despite conceding one wicket they ran well and ambitiously, which made for some excellent watching.  No fours to be had, but their game was consistent and steady.

Robbie and Isaac S batted as the final pair and showed great composure when facing the two most able Fettesian bowlers. They managed to grab a few runs which built our score to 83 however a wicket in the final bowl brought us down to 78, which was a comfortable lead, but we would have been happy to see 100.
We fielded next, and it was the best fielding action I have seen from a St Mary’s under 9 team ever!

We did a rotational system for all bowlers, so each boy got to bowl twice but to a different pair. John opened the bowling which very strong! His excellent bowling claimed one wicket, a catch from wicket keeper Tristan which got us off to a healthy start. Henry was up next and added another two wickets, bearing in mind the same pair still had two overs left. Ollie went third, yet alas there were no wickets to be had, but the bowling was very strong and consistent with only one run being made. Josh bowled next against the Fettes openers and gained three very juicy wickets. At this stage Fettes were on -19!
Tristan Bowled next and did well. After a rusty start he got well into the swing of things and gained a wicket. Isaac Buchanan bowled fifth, and managed to pin the batsmen down and claim another wicket.

Robbie and Isaac bowled next and despite conceding a few wides and no bowls, they did well and showed great composure once more when the pressure was on!

The same rotation started again, and despite there being fewer wickets, the lads displayed great skill in the field and there were some outstanding catches, from Henry, John, and Ollie. The Final Fettesian batsmen played an outstanding game and gained 21 points, (including three “fours”) through some superb ambitious running and technique. This brought the final score to 78-41. A super afternoon with some super skills on show from all the lads. It was also a triumph for the two umpires, myself and Mr Mill, being able to cope with the maths!

We face Belhaven A and B next on the 31/5/2017.

A big thanks to all who came down to support.

Mr Brown

Jules Birdsall, 26/05/2017

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