Form 2 visit Gunsgreen House 

On Monday Form 2 set off bright and early to Gunsgreen House, Eyemouth. The visit tied in with the History topic, Smugglers the class have been studying. The house was built in 1753 by local smuggler John Nisbet. 

When we arrived Tony read us the story The Secrets of the Smuggler's House. 

gunsgreen 1
The class then enjoyed designing a pirate mask and creating their own pirate including key characteristics. 

gunsgreen 3

gunsgreen 2
The children also had the opportunity to explore the house and discover all the secret places where smuggled goods were kept. They found the tea chute, the only one of its kind, where smuggled tea was hidden from prying eyes. They also found bottles of wine and a rifle hidden in a secret cupboard on the stairs. 
gunsgreen 4

gunsgreen 5

Gunsgreen House is well worth a visit. It's a house packed with lots of hidden gems waiting to be found. You could even sit on the beach and sample Eyemouth's famous fish and chips whilst you are there! 
Mrs Fresle and Form 2


Jules Birdsall, 26/05/2017