Under 13B Rounders vs Cargilfield

Wednesday the 25th of May
St Marys – 13.5; Cargilfield – 4.5
Captain: Jessica

U13B rounders 24 May

It was a glorious day out on the St Mary’s back pitches, an unheard of heat wave providing the perfect environment for Rounders. Cargilfield came with four extra girls so rather than play two innings of 30 good balls, we decided to do one 20 minute innings each. All 13 Cargilfield girls batted, so as not to sit anybody out, but subbed players in and out during their time in the field in order to keep the game fair.

St Mary’s won the toss and elected to field first. The girls started sensationally, the first batter being caught out and three more joining her after the first round of hits. No Rounders had been scored at this point either, which made the girls effort even more outstanding! After the second round of hits, the Cargilfield girls had scored two ½ Rounders but lost two more players in the process. Six batters were left with ten minutes to go and St Mary’s continued to field superbly, particularly in the back field between Ruby, Lucy and Chloe, until all Cargilfield batters had been stumped or bowled out with six minutes to go. The St Mary’s ladies made three catches, Iona stumped three players out at first base, Isla stumped three at second base, and Freya stumped four players out at third base. A spectacular team effort!

With only nine batters, Cargilfield had a greater probability of getting the girls in green out before time had been completed. This didn’t stop St Mary’s from trying their best though, and I was thoroughly impressed with the determination that they showed throughout the entire innings. We scored 2 ½ rounders from the first round of hits courtesy of Rowan, Lucy and Freya. After their third round of hits St Mary’s had clocked another 1 ½ rounders but had lost four girls in the process. The girls were still trailing Cargilfield at this point and had to step up to the pressure so as not to be batted out. Jessica was outstanding in her leadership, hitting four rounders from her last seven hits. Phoebe also took it upon herself to rise to the occasion, hitting the ball to the back field and making it around the field for a full rounder! With a player off games, Chloe returned to the seconds to help us put points on the board and make sure we weren’t batted out. St Mary’s finished the innings with four players not out and 13 ½ rounders scored.

I was super impressed with the determination, positivity and leadership shown on the pitch this week and can’t wait to see it again next week as we take on Belhaven at home.

Miss J McRae












Photoraphs by Mrs Harvey

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