Under 13 Rounders v Fettes

Wednesday 17th May 2017
St Mary’s – 18: Fettes – 12
Captain: Naesi

U13 Rounders v Fettes 17 May

Form 7 and 8 girls headed to Fettes this afternoon after Longridge Towers pulled out of their fixtures, ready to play Rounders a little differently to normal.

With five of the Form 8 girls away at Dandys, we made a first team of seven people combining the remaining Form 8’s and some Form 7’s.

Fettes won the toss and elected to field first. The St Mary’s girls struggled to gain any momentum off their first hits, only three of the seven girls making contact with the ball and Chloe getting run out at first base. The girl’s second hits were a little better, 1 ½ Rounders being scored between Anna, Jess and Rowan. However, Jessica was caught out and so we were left with only five batters after eight good balls. At every round of hits another girl was bowled, stumped or caught out until we were run out at 25 balls with only 5 ½ Rounders.

After a disappointing first innings batting, it was important for the girls to perform in the field. However, the girls struggled to field having two less players then usual. Fettes had some great hitters, both left handed and right, so the girls had to slide between positions in the back field to adapt to the different batters. Rowan managed to catch two girls out from backstop, which was fantastic, but the Fettes girls were scoring consistent Rounders. After thirty good balls, Fettes finished the innings with 7 ½ Rounders.

After a serious team talk at half time, the girls were ready to improve on their first innings efforts. The girls first bats were evidence of this, every player hitting the ball and only one not putting points on the score sheet. After the first round of hits we had scored 4 ½ Rounders, only one Rounder less then our total Rounders count from the first innings. This success continued throughout the innings, the St Mary’s girls leaving any risky runs until the final few balls so as to use all 30 good balls this time. Every St Mary’s player scored in the second innings ( Jessica – 1, Anna – 4, Naesi – 2, Isla – 3, Jess – 1, Rowan – ½ , Chloe – 1) and finished with a total of 18 Rounders for the game.

Great batting from the St Mary’s girls had brought them from behind and given them a substantial lead on the Fettes girls however, it was crucial that St Mary’s played well in this last innings to come out victorious. Every Fettes girl hit the ball on their first bat, but only one managed to score a rounder. This was down to the impressive teamwork between backstop, bowler, first and second posts. Anna was great on third post, stumping two girls out, whilst Isla managed to stump three girls out at second post! This left the Fettes team with only two batters and ten good balls to go. Unfortunately for Fettes, both these girls were caught out. Fettes finished the innings with 4 ½ Rounders after 22 good balls.

In this game against Fettes, the St Mary’s girls undoubtedly made the comeback of the season. I was super impressed with the girls desire to play in the second half and the excellent teamwork and individual play shown as a result. I hope the girls will take that same desire into the games next week; the Firsts scheduled to play a triangular with Cargilfield and Loretto at home, whilst the Seconds scheduled to play Cargilfield at home also.
Jessie McRae

Jules Birdsall, 19/05/2017

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