U9C Rounders v Fettes

Wednesday 17th May

4½ to 7

What an enthusiastic team under great leadership from Beattie. Beattie opened the bowling for St Mary’s and managed to bowl a fair number of good balls in the first innings. Tallulah at backstop was quick to pass the ball back to Beatie which meant that Fettes had little chance to score any full rounders. Mahi was solid at 1st base. Florence at 2nd took to entertaining the crowd with a few cartwheels until reminded to stand by her post! Charlotte at 3rd prevented a number of Fettes girls running on to 4th where Freya was keeping a careful watch. Bee was great at deep fielding sprinting after anything that came her way. Fettes produced some good hits. When it came to our turn to bat we would have scored more rounders if we had kept our eye on the ball and been a little quicker off the mark. However Bee managed 1½ rounders in the final innings to add to her ½ from the first. Others to score were: Florence, 1; Charlotte ½; Beattie ½, Tallulah ½. Fettes took some time to get into their bowling stride but the other fielders utilised the time well by making some daisy chains.

A great afternoons entertainment, congratulations to both teams who played well and with great spirit.

Mrs Hardie

Jules Birdsall, 18/05/2017

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