U11 Rounders Quadrangular

v Belhaven Hill, Craigclowan and Loretto
Wednesday 10th May 2017
As we were the first team to arrive on the sunny east coast it was decided that we would get going as soon as possible with the ‘quadrangular’ and play our first match against the hosts, Belhaven. We fielded first and the girls were super quick at getting the ball back to Hannah in the bowling box to stop the runners from scoring half rounders. However, a lack of focus in our warm up meant the girls hadn’t quite taken the opportunity to get geared up properly and some fielding errors due to panicked decisions following big hits, meant Belhaven scored 4 full rounders in their innings. Topped up with a few inevitable half rounders, they ended on a score of 6. The girls knew their fielding had not been up to scratch and they were going to have to bat well. Sadly, the girls lacked gusto with their batting and having shown such improvement in their batting ratios during practice, it did not materialise during this match. Amelie was the only one who managed to score a full rounder but we did get more half rounders than Belhaven had which helped top up our score. Disappointingly, it wasn’t enough and we only managed to get 3.5 rounders by the end of our 30 balls.

Having just experienced their first defeat of the season so far, a lot more focus went into the second match of the day against Loretto. Again we were fielding first and the St. Mary’s team had certainly woken up. They were a lot slicker with their throws and there was a lot more urgency in their movement to get the ball. Communication was also louder and more relevant which aided them enormously. Loretto managed 3 halves and 1 whole rounder though but getting 5 of the Loretto players out showed good team work and alertness from all. The St. Mary’s batting was also much improved with the team hitting 28 out of the 30 balls bowled to them. They took as many chances as they could, but some risks sadly did not pay off as Molly C, Eliza and Amelie all got stumped out at 2nd post. Loretto’s fielding was really slick and they caught Hannah F out and stumped another 3 of the girls out at 4th post. The last 10 balls were all for Lara and Mhairi who had to keep on running in order to get round the bases in time to bat again. Both of them made a sterling effort getting many full and half rounders. It was an exciting end to the match which ended on a win for St. Mary’s.

Lastly the girls were up against Craigclowan but we had the disadvantage of having to bat first and setting the benchmark. The girls rose to the challenge, yet, despite not hitting the ball quite as many times (25/30), the rounders and halves that were scored were a lot more evenly distributed across the team as most of the girls managed to avoid getting out. Hannah C, Maria, Rosie, Hannah F, Mhairi and Molly C all managed to score at least one full rounder each, with a smattering of halves in the mix too. Amelie hit some great balls, but was prevented from scoring by the eager Craigclowan fielders. The girls managed a resounding 11 rounders from their 30 balls which shows their strength of mind and determination to perform well under the pressure of knowing Craigclowan would be hot on their heels batting next. Now eager to win, the St. Mary’s girls got ready to field. Eliza managed to get 6 batters out at 1st post during this innings which is highly commendable, assisted of course by her diligent backstop, Mhairi. The deeps fielded well and except for a minor slip up where the ball was sent around the posts, chasing the live batter, everyone was slick and focused on working together which resulted in Craigclowan scoring 2 rounders. The girls were delighted to get their second win of the day and all in all, performed very well. The delicious Belhaven sandwiches and cakes finished the afternoon of perfectly in the East Lothian sunshine.
Mrs Scott Aiton

Jules Birdsall, 18/05/2017

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