U9A Rounders v Fettes

Wednesday 17th May 2017

U9A Rounders 17 May
A first this season, St Mary’s lost the toss and went in to bat first. Iona got off to a good start scoring a rounder on the first bat. The Fettes bowler bowled accurately and the team fielded very proficiently, always getting the ball to second post, which stopped St Mary’s scoring half rounders. Emily and Skye were unlucky to be caught out on their second bat, again victims of Fettes excellent fielding. The only two St Mary’s players to score this innings were Iona and Cadence, both through well-placed hits to the left hand side of the pitch. Well done to Sophie who managed to hit every ball she was bowled. St Mary’s score at the end of the first innings was 4 ½ rounders, Iona scoring 2 and cadence 2 1/2.

Fettes went in to bat and St Mary’s proved they were an equal match with regard to fielding. They managed to stump or catch out 3 of the opposition on their first bat. An excellent swift catch behind from backstop Skye. Some good stops from Anna who then stumped third post and stopped the batters from running. Kate in deep field on the right confidently fielded some good hits and delivered the ball accurately to fourth post where Lily was waiting to stump from a confident catch. At the end of the first innings the score was 4 ½ rounders each, a close game.

St Mary’s second innings saw Emily and Skye score two rounders each from strong hits, Cadence got on the score board again with one rounder and Anna scored two half rounders. Again the team did well to score any against Fettes very tight fielding, their tally this innings amounting to 71/2 rounders.
Fettes had it all to do in the last innings but knew what they had to aim for which is the advantage of batting second. A number of the team scored half rounders and I watched the score creep up in this tight and exciting game. Sophie fielded well, backing Emily up at second post. Iona held the game together well with accurate and consistent bowling, Anna got a great retrieve and stump at third post to eliminate one of Fettes key players. Cadence, Lily, Sophie, Kate and Skye all held their nerve and through quick and tactical thinking, the team managed to field as well as I have ever seen them. But what was the final score?

Everyone knew it was close. A final check of those ½ rounders concluded a very fair drawer between the two teams 12 rounders each. Very well played girls, good teamwork.

Anna, Sophie, Cadence, Kate Lily, Emily, Skye, Iona.
Mrs Rhodes.

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