U10 Rounders v Longridge

Wednesday 17th May
The Under 10 girls proved their determination today after working hard since last week on being alert, ensuring accuracy and working hard to accelerate round the Rounders pitch – resulting in a superb afternoon today as we hosted Longridge.  I was extremely proud of each and every player as we displayed our ball skills today, good team work and very importantly great sportsmanship throughout the match. 

U10 Rounders 17 May
Well done to the girls
Freya – our Captain and Backstop, scoring an impressive 3 Rounders
Elsa – our consistent Bowler with great game tactics – 3 Rounders
Imo – a reliable 2nd Post who displayed powerful batting today – 1 Rounder
Emily – great at 3rd deep with superb batting throughout - 1½ Rounders
Libby – kept focused at 1st deep but was stumped after her first bat but demonstrated good batting in 2nd inning
Anna – injured from a speedy ball but managed to bat well and score 1 Rounder
Willa – displayed great batting but was caught then stumped out, kept 3rd Post covered confidently
Elena – worked well in the new position of 4th Post and although stumped, scored 1½ Rounders in 2nd inning
Maria – an addition to our squad today who confidently scored 3½ Rounders and retrieved the ball from 2nd Deep continually
Eliza – our other addition who assertively covered 1st Post and scored a wonderful 4 Rounders
We also scored an additional rounder from no balls and were very supportive of the visiting squad who were playing their first match of the season today.   
It was lovely to have Emma with us today cheering on her team mates.  Also a huge thanks to our supporters again today. 
I am sure your parents are just as delighted as I am with your performance today with your skills, attitude and the gracious manner in which you carried out your role as hosts today.    
Mrs Wright

Jules Birdsall, 18/05/2017

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