1st Rounders Tournament 

v Cargilfield and Belhaven
St Mary’s-7 ½: Cargilfield-3
St Mary’s -8: Belhaven-11

Captain: Millie

1st rounders 10 May

We left behind a very sunny Melrose to be greeted with an East Coast haar-just as well I took a coat!

We played Cargilfield first and having beaten them at the IAPS tournament we were keen to do the same again. Batting was pleasing with Lucy x3, Eloise x2, Anna and Jessica scoring full rounders from big hits. Unfortunately Georgia, Louisa, Millie and Naesi were caught or stumped which I know frustrated them but they were fantastic at encouraging their team mates. Lucy collected another ½ to bring our total to 7 ½.

We were sad to be without Abbie, our bowler, but Jessica bravely stepped up to the 1sts. Our fielding was as good as I have seen lately and it took until ball 16 before Cargilfield marked the sheet. Anna made 2 great catches and Naesi made one. With 2 full and 2x ½ rounder Cargilfield had a score of 3.
Belhaven then went on to beat Cargilfield.

Again we batted first and knew Belhaven were tight in the field. It was not to be Louisa or Georgia’s day as again they were caught out-as big hitters we were slightly nervous to be without them. Millie collected a full rounder before being stumped at 2nd post, Naesi, Anna, Jessica and Eloise ran in a full one each with Lucy scoring 2 full. Halves came from Eloise and Naesi for sprinting to 2nd. After 30 good balls I was thrilled the team had scored 8.

We fielded well for the first half of the innings and I had high hopes of a draw…or even a win. However, the fielding of the last 15 balls left a lot to be desired and Belhaven, quite rightly took their chances and beat us fair and square 11-8.

Another good team performance –well done, girls!

Mrs F K Bell


Jules Birdsall, 11/05/2017

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