U9 Rounders Triangular

v Belhaven and Cargilfield
Wednesday 10 May 2017
A very excited group of U9Bs eagerly awaited the arrival of Cargilfield and Belhaven for a triangular match.

St Mary’s v Belhaven
First to arrive, on this beautiful sunny afternoon, were Belhaven.  St Mary’s lost the toss and Belhaven chose to field first putting St Mary’s in to bat.  The St Mary’s girls tried hard and a number of them, after hitting the ball successfully, scored half rounders.  A couple were a little too enthusiastic after hitting the ball and ran the player in front out,  however after 30 good balls they had scored 2 ½ rounders.   Belhaven came into bat and due to some poor fielding by St Mary’s managed to score a number of half rounders finishing the innings with a score of 4.

St Mary’s v Cargilfield
The girls quickly bounced back, won the toss for the second match and put Cargilfield into bat. The St Mary’s girls had listen to the advice given to them and fielded more efficiently with fewer errors. They managed to stump 2 of the Cargilfield players out by accurate ball throwing and Cargilfield finished the innings with 3 ½ rounders. Feeling confident after their first batting innings St Mary’s had every chance of improving on this score.  The first 5 players set the standard by scoring either a half or full rounder and after 5 balls St Mary’s were only half a rounder behind. The remaining girls remained focused and a further 1 full and 2 half rounders were scored.  St Mary’s U9Bs first win of the season.

The majority of the U9B team have only been playing rounders since returning to school in April.  They have all shown significant improvement in their rounders skills and this was apparent during today’s match.  We still have some way to go, however if the girls continue to practice I’m sure this is only the first of many successes.

Well done girls.

Mrs Routledge

Jules Birdsall, 11/05/2017

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