U10 Rounders Triangular

v Belhaven & Cargilfield

Wednesday 10th May

U10 Rounders 10 may 17
St. Mary’s 6,  Belhaven 4
Captain - Willa
It took some time to get on task to score and after a player was stumped out on ball three and another caught out on ball four, the future looked bleak.  We soon picked up the pace with Libby, Anna M, Freyja and Elena scoring to give us 6.  After moving to fielding, this match was looking even more of a close contest.  Molly, Elsa and Freyja worked closely together to stump out players and get the ball to where it had to go and I was delighted to see some quick thinking from our other players on the field.  Belhaven missed a few opportunities to score and therefore we were lucky to get a 6-4 win. 
St. Mary’s 2½, Cargilfield 7½
Captain - Anna H
We started strong with some lovely batting, but with some players stumped out or caught out quickly, we were soon in trouble as we were left with 3 players at ball 20!  Imo batted perfectly and although didn’t score, was one of the players left in the final three along with Anna M and Elena.  Emily consistently batted well too and scored ½.  The Cargilfield team were just too quick in fielding to allow us to score many points and we moved to field with only 2½ Rounders.  It was pleasing to see a new focus on play in the fielding as we tried hard to work together but our tactics let us down and more too often the ball was heading to the wrong post or not passed on quick enough. We stayed strong but were not focused enough and the opposition scored 7½.
Belhaven 5, Cargilfield 6½   
The final match of today involved the visitors playing each other and this was an exciting game ending in a very evenly matched 5 v 6½, 
After our team “chat” today we were both pleased with some of our fielding and batting but also very aware of working on the skills that let us down today. 
We need to start thinking about being –
ALERT                       making sure everyone of focused on the game at ALL times ready to receive the ball
ACCURATE              sharpening up throwing and catching with no hesitation of where the ball goes
ACCELERATE          and get moving around those posts at top speed! 
With a few more training sessions before of next fixture against Longridge, I am sure we can work on these areas and make ourselves proud.  We can do it, girls!
Thank you to our loyal supporter in the sunshine today.  Your encouragement was greatly appreciated.   
Mrs Wright

Jules Birdsall, 11/05/2017

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