U11 Rounders Triangular 

v Fettes and Mowden Hall

Wednesday 26th April

STM 4 – 4 Fettes
STM 9 – 3 Mowden Hall
Mowden Hall 3.5 – 8.5 Fettes

U11 Rounders 3 may
A busy fixture for the U11’s on the first Wednesday of the term and some excellent skills were seen across all teams. Fettes arrived first so after a bit of time warming up, the St. Mary’s girls took to the field against them first. It was a tight match with both teams producing some strong fielding and batting. With just one batting innings of 30 balls for each team, good execution of batting skills and tactics was going to be vital. Fettes had some big hitters who tested our fielding sufficiently but the St. Mary’s girls did well to stop the live batters at 2nd post on many occasions, meaning only half a rounder was scored. Quick decision making and communication is key when fielding and I was really pleased with how the girls worked as a team to get the best outcome. They girls also managed to catch and stump out three of the Fettes players which was a bonus and Fettes ended their innings on 4 rounders. The St. Mary’s girls then had their turn to bat. Some high hits saw three girls caught out by the Fettes fielders and some risky runs got another couple run out at posts which was a shame. However, they sought out opportunities where they could score and the match ended with a draw of 4 rounders each.
Then the St. Mary’s girls sat out as Fettes took on Mowden which was a good game, resulting in Fettes winning. However, as the Mowden team were warmed up, the St. Mary’s girls needed to get their heads back in the game as they took on Mowden themselves.
The St. Mary’s girls had quick reactions during their fielding innings and communicated well in order to make snap decisions about where to send the ball. They were able to prevent many half rounders being scored at 2nd post but Mowden had some speedy runners and took advantage of some misfielding and scored half rounders by getting all the way round even if the ball had not been hit. However, the St. Mary’s girls knew where their errors had been made and were able to reflect and learn from it before stepping up to bat. The girls did very well with their batting with everyone hitting the ball at some stage and the majority scoring something too. The girls managed to score 9 rounders to Mowden’s 3.
A lovely afternoon of rounders full of spirited girls eager to play sport for their respective schools which is what it’s really all about. Thank you to our guests for coming to play and to all the support on the side of the pitch.

Mrs Scott Aiton

Jules Birdsall, 10/05/2017

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