Cheviot Lambs visit Reception

On Thursday afternoon, Mr Cairns (Imogen’s dad) kindly brought in three of his Cheviot lambs from the farm.  They were so cute and only five weeks old!  Mr Cairns had placed the lambs in a pen out on the grass.  The  children could really see them close up and stroke them.  They even h ad turns at feeding the lambs with bottles of milk. 


lambs 7

lambs 8

lambs 2

lambs 3

lambs 4

lambs 6

lambs 5

The children listened to Mr Cairns as he told us all about the lambs and they even got to name them!  The little lambs are now called: Milkey, Lammie and Grandpa.  Thank you to Mr Cairns for bringing the lambs in to let Reception meet them (more photographs on the website soon).
Mrs Currie

Jules Birdsall, 05/05/2017