U10 Rounder v Loretto

Wednesday 3rd May
St. Mary’s 14   Loretto 12½   

u10 rounders v loretto 5 may
We were delighted to host our friends from Loretto today in the glorious sunshine on the back fields. 

The score was very much in our favour, evenalthough we were behind by 3 full Rounders as we started the 2nd inning.  I am delighted with the teamwork today, especially in the second half of the game.  We pulled together to bat and then field to ensure we achieved a well-deserved winning score.
Freyja – demonstrated great batting skills today and worked tirelessly as back stop - 2½ Rounders
Elsa – strong and controlled as bowler who equally displayed resilience this afternoon - 1½ Rounders
Libby B – a great addition to our squad today with quick thinking and accurate batting - 3½ Rounders
Emily – Captain – very accurate batting, successfully hitting the ball every time – 1 Rounder
Libby R – good batting and took some risks which resulted in excellent scores - 2½ Rounders
Anna – unfortunately stumped out on first bat but in second innings scored - ½ Rounder
Willa – our “leftie” who was continually catching, throwing and thinking ahead in her role in 2nd deep
Elena – some good thinking at 3rd base along with tactical thinking – 1 Rounder
Lara – helped out today and proved to be a valuable player at 3rd post - 1½ Rounders
Thanks to our supporters today. 

Well done to the Under 10 squad today.                                                                   
Mrs Wright








Photographs by Mrs Harvey

Mrs M Harvey/J Birdsall, 05/05/2017

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