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Form 5 Murder Mystery

This week in History, Form 5 have been learning about the death of John Comyn, at the hands of one of Scotland’s greatest and most celebrated kings, King Robert Bruce!

murder mystery

Scotland was in turmoil during the Wars of Independence, Edward the 1st of England, “The Hammer of the Scots”, had held Scotland in an Iron grip for many years. However, after his defeat at Stirling Bridge, the tides of war were changing. Despite a significant defeat at Falkirk in 1298, many Scots remained Stoic in their quest for independence.

Following the death of William Wallace by execution in London, The Bruce was eager to claim the vacant throne, and in order to do this, had to murder John “the Red” Comyn. The Murder happened on the 10th of February in Greyfriars Kirk, Dumfries, through the fatal stabbing of Comyn by Bruce. This resulted in

murder mystery 1

The Bruce being excommunicated from the church, however, this did not stop him being crowned King at Scone a few weeks later.

murder mystery 2

Form five were thrown back in time to the scene of the murder, (the whole situation being unknown to them), and had to work out, who was murdered, why they were murdered, and who murdered them! Clues were left which would indicated certain things, for example, tartan on the corpse would allow Form 5 to work out which clan the body belonged to. Furthermore, wound analysis and an interview with a local monk would guide them on their way towards solving the mystery. 

murder mystery 3

Thanks to Mr Mateos, Mrs Runciman, Mr Whitelaw.

Mr Brown

Jules Birdsall, 04/05/2017

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