U9 Rounders v Loretto

Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Hooray, summer term weather for a lovely afternoons rounders against Loretto school.

St Mary’s had a fabulous game when batting and fielding. Captain Kate won the toss and opted to field first. In the first innings St Mary’s fielding was strong. They managed to stop a number of half and whole rounders from being scored and through quick and thoughtful fielding stumped out three of the Loretto batters in the first two rounds of batting. Added to this, backstop for the first innings, Cadence skilfully caught out two batters. With another batter falling to a stump at four post by Emily, the Loretto team were depleted to three players. Fast and accurate bowling by Tiggy put the batters under pressure and they were unable to make their run past first post. Fielders Iona and Anna, backed up by Bea and Ali ensured second post was stumped to stop the batter from running. St Mary’s took advantage of all the posts being stacked up and swiftly threw the ball into the batting square making all the remaining batters out after only 21 ‘good balls’. Superb effort.

St Mary’s then went in to bat and they certainly had their eye on the ball today. Iona opened the batting with a long and confident hit and scored a rounder on the first ball, which gave the team confidence. In all St Mary’s scored 9 full rounders and 7 half rounders putting them ahead of the Loretto team. Kate, Emily, Tiggy and Iona all scoring at least one whole rounder.

To keep St Mary’s on their toes I swapped a number of players round for the second fielding innings. Skye, at backstop, retrieved the ball promptly from a missed hit and attempted with a fast and accurate throw, to stump the batter out at first post but unfortunately the team didn’t quite manage this. That was one focus for today and well done Skye for having a go, phew that has saved me some prize treats on Friday. Sophie, backed up by Lily fielded a great stop in first deep and threw an accurate ball to second post to eliminate another Loretto batter. 

St Mary’s started the second innings in an excited mood, sky high in confidence. It was wonderful to see every player making contact with bat and ball. Lily scored her first half rounder in a match, Harriet hit the ball well with some sneaky hits towards four post and well away from the right hand side of the pitch.  Loretto’s fielding was much tighter than in the first innings but some brave running (and some very cheeky running which this week paid off) gave St Mary’s a grand total of 23 ½ rounders to Loretto’s 11.

Very well played everyone, a nearly faultless game. We need to work hard before our matches next week against  Cargilfield and Belhaven.

Mrs Rhodes.

Jules Birdsall, 04/05/2017

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