1st Rounders - Kilgraston Tournament

Wednesday 4th May
Captain: Millie

1st Rounders 3 May 

St Mary’s v Ardvreck      8-4 win
St Mary’s v Riley              10.5-11 loss
 St Mary’s v Cargilfield      9-8 win
St Mary’s v Kilgraston      5-8 loss
P w L F A
4                      2                    2                   32.5    31

On a glorious sunny Wednesday the U13 team set off for the annual tournament at Kilgraston-spirits were high and the singing in the bus was….interesting!

v Ardvreck
Batting first we had decided to take every opportunity we could to score ½ rounders-that may mean running on no balls but we had learnt our lesson last weeks. Hits were pleasing with full rounders coming from Louisa x2, Lucy and Georgia and halves from Lucy x 2, Abbie x 2, Millie, Naesi, Anna and Jess. A solid start with 8 rounders scored in an 8 minute innings.

Ardvreck did not manage any full rounders due to our much improved fielding; they collected 8 x ½ and thus a score of 4.

v Riley
Having beaten Riley at both hockey and netball they were keen to settle the scores! Their fielding was tight, particularly at 4th post but that did not stop Lucy x 3, Louisa x2 and Millie running in a clutch of full rounders. Jess collected 3 x ½ for no balls or reaching 2nd with Georgia doing the same; both Anna and Millie took a chance from a backward hit and they too reached 2nd. After 8 minutes we had 10 ½ rounders.

Riley scored from their first ball, this was followed by 6 more full rounders and a clutch of ½ s due to our mis-fielding interspersed with tactical running from the opposition. Our fielding was actually very good but we must be aware that when some runners ‘draw’ with the fielder at 2nd post, they will run on and can thus score a full. Scores were tallied and we had lost, albeit by just ½ a rounder.
v Cargilfield
We had been enjoying the company of the Cargilfield girls and Mrs Mac during the afternoon so this game was played in good spirits-teams had looked to be evenly matched. This innings saw full rounders from Louisa x2, Jess, Lucy and Naesi with halves from Louisa x3, Lucy x 2, Georgia, Naesi and Anna. We secured a score of 9 for Cargilfield to chase.

Accurate fielding and clever bowling (Abbie) stopped Cargilfield in their pursuit of full rounders but they were swift in reaching 2nd post. After 8 minutes it was clear the score was going to be tight, and it was, 9-8 to St Mary’s.
v Kilgraston
Kilgraston were a feisty side who were clearly on track to proceed to the final; perhaps this intimidated us for we had a few slapstick comedy moments with bat and in the field. Only 2 full rounders were scored, this time by Naesi and Lucy with Chloe, x1, Anna x1 Georgia x 1, Louisa x 1 and Millie x 2 collecting the ever important halves. This was our lowest score after 8 minutes- 5rounders.

Another team who went for the halves and this was our undoing, for they too only scored 2 full rounders-work out for yourselves how many halves they gained to eventually beat us by 8 rounders to 5!!

Fettes went on to win the final by just ½ rounder-Fettes 4 ½ and Kilgraston 4.

What a lovely day out we had with every member of the squad hitting the ball (hurrah!) and nearly everyone adding to the score line.

Mrs F K Bell

Jules Birdsall, 04/05/2017

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