U9A Cricket v Cargilfield

Wednesday 3rd May

Cargilfield 279
St Marys 259

U9A cricket 3 may 2
Photograph by Mrs Letts

Wednesday was a perfect day for cricket, sunny, slightly warm and a good breeze. Cargilfield was our destination this week and with the potential for a healthy competition, the boys were eager to get stuck in.

We batted first, and began well with John and Henry hitting some healthy shots, few managed to reach the boundary, but some ambitious running by the lads allowed us to snaffle up some points.

Next up, Ollie and Josh. The boys managed to get some screamers in and farmer the ball over the boundary a good few times, which helped boost out run count well.

Isaac and Tristan were up third and played a solid, defensive game, but were consistent all round. Cargilfield got a nice wicket, throwing the ball at the stumps mid run.

Finally, Ewan and Nic got their turn in front of the bowler; the boys did well against a good opposition and made some nice hits, and gained a few points.
The Cargilfield lads bowelled well and very consistently, which helps to keep the game fluid and exciting.

We then took up the fielding role, and did fairly well, the Cargilfield opening batsmen were very powerful and managed to gain a few 6s! Despite this, some accurate bowling managed to hold them firmly in place, at key moments. In general, the bowling was steady, however an area I believe we need to focus on is keeping calm under pressure, taking our time and not getting carried away. The Cargilfield lads batted well and displayed some healthy skills. My top moment was Henry managing to get three wickets in one over!

A good days sport and well managed. Big thanks to Cargilfield for having us and all the parents and supporters who came to watch.

Mr Brown

Jules Birdsall, 03/05/2017

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