U9B Cricket v Cargilfield

Wednesday 3rd May

Cargilfield 254
St Marys 228

U9B cricket 3 may
Photo by Mrs Letts

A big positive of cricket is that there is a greater opportunity to get B fixtures, which been displayed over the past 2 weeks. Cargilfield were the opposition this week, and they played a very strong game.

We fielded first, with Isaac and Robbie opening the bowling, they did well and were consistent overall. Blair and Tom were next, and in similar fashion played a decent game managing to hold the best technique that they could. Finlay and Christian were up third and did a good job against a strong opposition. Finally, Jack and Toby bowled, and did well offering the most accurate bowling of the day for our boys.

We batted after this and had a dry spell. Isaac and Robbie snaffled a few fours up, however the strong bowling of the Cargilfield boys kept us pinned for quite a while. This was the general theme for the remainder of the game with Blair and Tom being up against a strong bowler, the same applied to Finlay and Christian, who despite nailing a four were under pressure. Jack and Tobbie managed to get a good few runs with ambitious and swift running.

A good day of sport and another healthy run out for the Bs, despite the defeat it is a good learning process for the lads.

Mr Mateos

Jules Birdsall, 03/05/2017

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