U13B Rounders v Mowden

Wednesday 26th of April
Mowden - 14½  St Mary’s – 7
Captain: Jessica

U13B Rounders 28 april

The girls were prompt at departing St Mary’s this week; a trip to Mowden Hall the first of this term’s fixtures. Mowden are notorious for being highly skilled at Rounders but the St Mary’s girls were determined to give it their best go.

After being named captain of the Seconds and winning the toss, Jessica chose for the girls to start the first innings out in the field. Mowden had some extremely strong hitters that should have kept all our fielders on their toes, but a lack of concentration from the players sitting deep gave the Mowden girls some extra time to make it around the field. They finished their first innings with 8 Rounders.

Tegan took her team into bat and led from the front with a hit off the first ball; five of the following eight girls doing the same. On their second strikes the St Mary’s girls managed to clock up some crucial Rounders, Isla scoring a ½ rounder and Lucy smacking the ball hard and fast out the back of the field to score a full Rounder! From then on the call of ‘big hitter’ could be heard from the Mowden girls every time Lucy went up to bat. St Mary’s finished the first innings with 3 Rounders.

Our second innings out in the field started sensationally, with Rowan catching Mowden’s first batter out on the first bowl. Excellent teamwork from Iona, Jessica and Rowan helped limit the number of Rounders gained by the Mowden girls however, they were consistent at hitting the ball and targeted the lack of communication between the St Mary’s girls in the back field. Phoebe made some great stops of the ball when it came to her but when a ball was hit between players, no talk could be heard to decide who was going to run and get it.  Mowden finished their second innings with 6 ½ Rounders.

It began to snow as the St Mary’s girls stepped up for their second innings however this was not going to slow them down, the ladies in green scoring the majority of their points for this inning off their first strikes. Both Freya and Iona made ½ a Rounder each, as did Lucy and Ruby on their first hits. From then on we had some fantastic hits but were unable to make many more Rounders due to excellent fielding from Mowden. Despite this, we finished the innings with one more Rounder then last time (4).

I am extremely proud of the girls efforts against a very good opposing team. Almost every player made a hit in the game, which was a definite improvement from training. Unfortunately, our fielding in the back field let us down at times but we will work on that for the rest of the season. A very pleasing start – congratulations to all of you!

Jessie McRae


Jules Birdsall, 02/05/2017

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