1st Rounders v Mowden Hall

Wednesday 26th April 2017
Mowden Hall-16: St Mary’s-9
Captain: Millie

1st rounders 26 april

A wee jaunt over the border for our first game of the season-we knew we would have a mighty task ahead of us, for Mowden are always strong, but we were all looking forward to the challenge.

 Going into bat first Louisa started us off well with a full rounder, this was followed by Mille on ball 4 then Naesi collected a ½ for reaching 2nd post. On their second hits Lucy ran in a full rounder with Anna, Eloise, Abbie and Jess being caught or stumped out. Naesi and Millie then befell the same fate and were stumped out en route to posts 3 and 2 respectively. We were left with just 3 batters but despite their best attempts they could not break the Mowden fielding ring. With 1 x ½ from Louisa and 2x ½ from Lucy we had 5 rounders after 30 good balls.

Fielding too began well with Anna catching out Mowden’s No 1 batter and their No 6 batter. The girls were working well and by the end of the innings had only one more full rounder than us-what set them apart was their tactical play and reaching 2nd post for that vital ½ rounder-this astute play meant Mowden had 8 ½ .

We were closer than I had expected and were definitely still in the game. However Mowden had sussed our positional play and were ready for the big hitters. Louisa was halted at 2nd but claimed the ½, Lucy’s huge hit was caught, Georgia was stumped at 1st,Naesi was caught out followed swiftly by Anna. Abbie hit and ran for her life to collect a ½ at 2nd and despite good strikes both Chloe and Jess were unable to mark the sheet. When Chloe was also caught out it was left to Louisa and Jess to keep us in the game. Jess did the job of panicking the fielders whilst Louisa hit both left and right and managed 1x full and 2x ½. After 29 balls we were ‘all out’ with a score of 4 and thus total of 9.

Mowden again ran in a number of ½ rounders; a combination of obstruction, no balls and running to 2nd post-these played a vital part in their rising score line. Four full rounders were scored so as far as this aspect of play goes we were certainly on an equal footing. With a score of 7 ½ Mowden went on to claim a well-deserved victory with a total of 16.

Our girls learnt a great deal today, namely the importance of the ½ rounder! A super game played in good spirit-well done all.

Mrs FK Bell

Jules Birdsall, 30/04/2017

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