U9A V Loretto

Wednesday 26th April

226 to 228

Our first fixture of the cricket season this year was against Loretto, who travelled down from Musselburgh to play us here in the Borders. We were fortunate to have decent, mild weather for the fixture, especially as it had been temperamental most of the week.

Loretto had brought down some of their Under 10s so we could continue with both our fixtures, which was greatly appreciated, as it is always healthy to get as many lads involved as possible, as well as providing our quite able sportsman with a good challenge.

We batted first; Captain John and Henry opened scoring and got us off to a nice start gaining 7 points between them.

Next were Ollie and Josh, then Isaac and Nic and finally Tristan and Ewan. The boys played well considering we had only had three training sessions. We could have been more fluid in the box, however, which would have given us the opportunities to melt the ball over the boundary. Despite this, the lads worked hard and hit some great shots; we finished our shift with a modest 226.

Loretto batted next and got off to a slower start than I expected. However, momentum picked and they managed to bat well and consistently enabling them to clinch 228 runs. Just two more than us.

The bowling and fielding on both teams was to be commended, with it being some of the most consistent I have seen at our level.

Focus will be given over to batting ambitiously ahead of our next fixture against Cargilfield, away in Edinburgh on Wednesday the 3rd of May.

Big thanks to all parents and staff who came to watch and help, respectively.
Mr Brown.

Jules Birdsall, 28/04/2017

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