U11A Cricket v Pringle House, Merchiston

Wednesday 26th April

The St. Mary’s U11As had a fiery baptism to the joys of hardball cricket as they took on a decent Merchiston Castle side in Edinburgh. Having won the toss, Captain Mac Rutherford elected to bowl first and took the cherry from the West End.

The track was firm and true but the fine opening batsmen were untroubled by the bowling of Rutherford and Kulow nor Mulholland and Elliot. The scoreboard ticked over in a blur and lacklustre fielding and inaccurate bowling conspired to send the score north of the half century within five overs. Sportingly the Merchiston coach retired the opening pair but the onslaught continued as a succession of batsmen came and went without loss and the score rose and rose.
Merchiston finally ran out of overs on 135 – a huge score at this level.

St. Mary’s responded with Mitchell C and Archie Mo entering the fray. Both plugged away gamely against a succession of bowlers but struggled to get the ball off the square. They were soon skittled and replace by Caelan B and Frederick K. The latter was very unlucky to be caught out in the covers. Thomas E offered some stiff resistance in partnership with Stewart M. Both look to be fine cricketers with bat and ball. Unfortunately, wickets were given up far too cheaply and easy runs were left begging due to poor calling and hesitancy.

Mr Extras proved to be the most reliable batsman racking up nearly half of 59 runs recorded by the visitors.

Result: St. Mary’s U11A Cricket lost to Pringle House, Merchiston Castle School

There is plenty of time to improve as individuals and as a team. We will be working hard in training but there will be sterner tests to come against much better sides. I look forward to seeing how this spirited group of players respond.

Coach’s Notes: Runs saved in the field have the same value as those scored with the bat. Saving a four with a good dive is worth as much as a lush shot to the rope.

Fielding has to be sharp and aggressive with lots of chat.

Bowling needs to be a lot more accurate if the batsman does not have to defend his wicket he is free to score at will.

Batting is about staying at the crease and picking off the bad balls. You have to take the runs when they are there. Concentrate and be patient. This is not baseball. 

Jules Birdsall, 28/04/2017

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