Under 10 Triangular with Fettes & Mowden Hall

Wednesday 26th April

U10 Netball 25417

St. Mary’s 4½    Fettes 6
St. Mary’s 3   Mowden Hall 8
Mowden Hall 5   Fettes 7
After some mixed weather since our return from the Easter holidays, we also had some mixed fortune in our fixture today. 
St. Mary’s v Fettes - Captain – Elena
We lost the toss and quickly assembled into batting order with Freyja scoring a lovely ½ rounder on the first ball.  Others displayed some good batting skills with Emily and Libby both scoring half after hitting the ball and successfully getting to 2nd post.  Lucy M proved to be a valuable asset to our team today by successfully scoring two full Rounders from some great batting and sprinting.  Imo demonstrated great batting skills too but was unfortunately stumped out on her third ball.  Anna concentrated well to hit the ball with power but unfortunately the ball was soon back to the bowler and she was unable to score.  With a further rounder scored for obstruction we moved into fielding with a score of 4½. 
The Fettes team were accurate batters and soon picked up their pace to score lots of ½ rounders as they zoomed to 2nd post.  Due to hesitation during play on where to pass the ball, along with some buttery fingers, we were not quick enough to stump out players but I was very impressed with a lovely catch by Willa which resulted in one player being out. 
This match was a close call and it would have been interesting to see how the scores developed in a 2nd inning. 
St. Mary’s v Mowden Hall - Captain – Imo
After winning the toss, we selected to field and were quickly getting into our pace to protect bases and accurately pass around the field.  Our opposition were powerful batters and we found it difficult to race to get out to the ball each time to retrieve it, resulting in the team scoring lots of points from their main players.  Elsa and Freyja showed great skills in catching the ball to get two players out and Rosie demonstrated her skills and quick thinking at 2nd post. 
We knew we had to get over 8 to score and were full of high hopes. Unfortunately lots of inaccurate batting or players missing the ball completely, we struggled to gain points for the score sheet .  Elena gained great confidence with batting and I was delighted to see her hit the ball each time in this match.  All in all, we played well today but hope to learn from our mistakes today and move onwards and upwards for our match against Loretto. 
Thanks to our supporters today. 
Mrs Wright

Jules Birdsall, 27/04/2017

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