U9A and U9B Rounders v Mowden Hall

Wednesday 26th April 2017
The start of the Rounders season had proved to be very unseasonal. For our first match against Mowden Hall the girls managed well in cold and unpleasant conditions. Mowden Hall fielded one team to play against St Mary’s  U9  and an U8/9 team with the U9 team playing first.

Captain Anna won the toss and elected to field. In the first innings neither side were batting well, as is normal at the beginning of the season. St Mary’s scored 5 rounders to Mowden’s  3.  St Mary’s fielded well stumping out 5 of the Mowden players whilst when batting, all of St Mary’s ran well and we only lost one player to a catch.

In the second innings many more players made contact with the ball and we saw some exciting hitting and close fielding. I was pleased to see St Mary’s remembering many of the batting and fielding tactics from last year and this bodes well for the rest of the season. Well done to St Mary’s on winning their first match of the season 11 ½ - 4 ½.

A mixed U8/9 team from St Mary’s then played the same Mowden team. For many of the team this was their first experience of a Rounders game after only a couple of lessons and it was very much a ‘find out what it’s all about ‘game.

St Mary’s captain Celia again won the toss and elected to field. After a shaky start, St Mary’s ball handling skills started to improve and they became more confident with their decision-making.  Whilst batting many of the team made contact with the ball. A number of the team where unfortunately run out by over enthusiastic running from the batter behind them!

Due to the lateness of the afternoon only one longer innings was played. The final result for this match was 10 ½ - 3 to Mowden Hall. Well done to this team of girls who went into the match cold against a team who were warmed up having already just played a match.

Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Routledge.

Jules Birdsall, 27/04/2017

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