Random Acts of Kindness

In the Middle School

During their Leadership session on Thursday afternoon, Form 4 and Form 5 were thinking about how to do kind deeds for others without the need for a reward or to be publically praised. The biggest reward is simply the feeling that you may have made someone’s day and the positive emotions that the act can generate for both the do-gooder and the lucky recipient.

In their ‘clans’, the children came up with an act of kindness that they could carry out that afternoon to help others around school. These included: going over to help with snack time and the washing up in Kindie; making a cup of tea for Mrs Tait, Ms Birdsall and Mrs Bell; helping Helen in the Boarding House; cleaning the classrooms; making cards of thanks for Rita and Sharon who clean the Sanderson Building; as well as simply popping into the kitchen and various classrooms to say the magic words, “thank you” to members of staff for all that they do to make St. Mary’s the wonderful school that it is.

The children certainly had a positive effect on those they helped or thanked as many staff were caught skipping into the staff room saying how their day had been made by the helpfulness and gratitude they were shown by the children.

Watch out, a random act of kindness may be coming your way very soon!

act of kind

Don’t spill the tea!

act of kind 1

Helen and her helpers

act of kind 2

Bea fluffs up the pillows in the Common Room.

act of kind 3

Geordie, Toby and Isaac making a card for Rita

act of kind 4
Henry and Imo making a card for Sharon

act of kind 5

Skye helps clean the white board

act of kind 6

Where there is snack time there is always washing up!

act of kind 7

Helping the Kindie children with their snack

Mrs Scott Aiton

Jules Birdsall, 28/03/2017