U10B Netball v Longrdige Towers U10A

Wednesday 8th March

U10B Netball 8 March

The St Mary’s U10B team consisted of two U10 and 5 U9 players. The U9’s having thought they had played their last game of the season the previous week were excited to have the opportunity to snatch another match. St Mary’s won the toss and elected to have the first centre. From the onset it was obvious it was going to be a close and hard fought game, not the opposition we had been told to expect! St Mary’s were half the size of some of the opposing team but this didn’t deter them from giving it 100% and playing some fabulous netball.

Libby WA was very good at holding her attacking position, moving quickly to receive the ball and passing it accurately onto the shooters.
Anna WD took on the role of captain and performed her duties efficiently. She helped the other two defending players to regain possession of the ball and stop Longridge from scoring on numerous occasions.

Sophie GK was steady and reliable, waiting and thinking carefully about who she threw the ball to. This provided a positive and structured start to the order of passes from defence to centre court to attack by giving the team time to re organise themselves.

Iona GD was a dominant player in the team and as with previous matches read the ball well and gained a number of important interceptions which allowed St Mary’s to switch from a defensive role to attack and have the chance to score some goals.

Anna C ran her little socks off! With the many switches in the direction of play, Anna coped well with moving from one end of the court to the other to help in both attack and defence.

Emily GA had a tough game as her opponent was twice the size of her in height! She had to work very hard to dodge round her opponent to have any chance of gaining possession of the ball and the opportunity to shoot (if she could see the net!) She did this with style and managed to score a great goal.
Kate GS worked tirelessly to get into a good position to shoot. Her catching has improved immensely and this gave her a number of shots at goal. Right at the end of the game she had four very near misses which would have enabled us to even the score. Kate maintained her composure and coped well with the pressure. Her timely goal in the second quarter gave the team a well needed boost before half time.

A well fought and tight game which St Mary’s were unlucky to lose 2-3. Very well played.

H Rhodes

Jules Birdsall, 09/03/2017

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