Design and Technology

Forms 6 and 7
Forms 6 and 7 have been designing and making birdboxes in D&T over the last wee while.
We currently have around 25 at varying stages of construction. We would like to have completed 50 or so by the end of this term.
Each box is made from cheap and readily available rough sarking board normally used for roofing.
It is hoped that future efforts will make extensive use of recycled materials such as pallet wood, scrap plywood and junked fence panels.

dt 1

dt 2

dt 4

I am building up a stockpile of such materials (particularly wooden boards >150mm wide) for this and future projects and would welcome any additions to the store. Any suitable scrap wood would be very much appreciated.
When finished the boxes will go up in our local community and should last for several years providing valuable nesting sites for families of small birds.
Well done to all involved!

Mr T Rawson

Jules Birdsall, 08/03/2017