Boys 1st XI Hockey v Cargilfield

Wednesday 1st March

boys hockey 1 march 17
St. Mary’s inexperienced but eager hockey players took on a veteran Cargilfield side shorn of its star players. Cargilfield’s side were well drilled and, despite missing their top nine players, passed slickly to spread the ball rapidly up the wings and back into the home D.

Wilfie proved to be a stalwart in goal and was well shielded by defenders Thomas M, William T, Hamish M and Liam B. A combative midfield of Jamie F, Tommy DB, Lachlan and Alex F fed strikers Will S and Harris. Joseph Ward started on the bench.

Cargilfield had some skilled player and were able to move the ball fluidly into space before following their passes to take the return ball. This was an intricacy that our boys failed to adopt. However, what they lacked in rapier subtlety they made up for with bludgeonly brute strength.

They tore into their opponents to force the zipping ball up the field. However, in so doing they left a lot of space behind. A little naivety in the D led to Cargie’s first goal as they forced the ball over the line amidst a goalmouth stramash.

We were playing three thirds of 15 – 20 minutes and there was plenty of time for the home team to make an impression out on the plush Tweedbank astro.
A second Cargie goal came against the run of play in the second third. However, St. Mary’s boys will not be cowed by something as trivial as a vastly more skilful opposition. They set about the visitors; hacking and slashing at the ball and forcing it toward the Cargilfield tender by sheer willpower alone.

A booming clearance by Hamish “Wild Thing” M off the tee sent the ball fizzing past the half-way at waist height like a wave-skimming Exocet. John Daly himself would have been proud of such a drive.

The ball was collected by Lachlan and laid back to the irrepressible William T. The Form 7 spread the ball wide to Harris who belted a sharp cross beyond the reach of the Cargilfield keeper for Alex to sweep in at the far post.

Foolishly, the home Coach had allowed his young charges to work on a goal celebration safe in the knowledge that they would be lucky to get into the Cargilfield half let alone score a goal. Twelve lads zooming around a sunny astro with hands cupped around their eyes in classic “Biggles” fashion was quite a sight!

Cargilfield really showed their class with a third goal in the final third but it was the St. Mary’s boys who continued to press right up until the final whistle.

They should be very proud of their efforts.
Men of the Match: Jamie and William T; Jamie was our best and most experienced player and really held things together in the middle of the park – absolute class. William T was a relative novice with one PE lesson of hockey under his belt. However, he was in the top five players on the park in terms of his efficacy – well done indeed.
Mr T Rawson

Jules Birdsall, 07/03/2017

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