Under 10 Netball v Loretto

Wednesday 1st March
St Mary’s 16 – Loretto 0

U10 Netball 1 March
I was delighted with the teamwork and skills on display today during our second match this season against Loretto.  With various position changes I was equally impressed with the versatility of our players and their willingness to move around the court and try out new positions. 
Willa – worked confidently as goal shooter to score a total of 3 goals along with a complete change as goal keeper later in the match
Elsa – had another wonderful afternoon of quick thinking and accurate passing which lead to 9 goals.  Great skills as goal defence in the third and fourth quarter
Emma (Captain) – very impressed with her wonderful motivational support for the team (and some cheering and singing on the sidelines!)  Displayed good team working skills as wing attack and scored a superb goal later in the match when goal shooter
Freyja – kept the ball flowing accurately (and quickly) with her usual sporty style.  Great work as our reliable and confident centre – great work today!
Anna – kept the team motivated with support from the sidelines and worked in wing defence and wing attack
Elena – showed her assertive dexterity around the court as goal defence, also moved to centre and goal attack where she scored a lovely goal
Imo – started as goal keeper but didn’t get much sight of the ball but it soon changed when she had a total swap down to goal shooter and scored two fabulous goals
Libby – worked quickly at both ends of the court as wing attack and wing defence. 
Emily – was kept busy on the wing finding spaces to receive the ball and move it on
Statistics for today

  1st qtr 2nd qtr 3rd qtr 4th qtr
St. Marys 6 6 3 1
Loretto 0 0 0 0

Great work today girls with a wonderful effort from everyone. 

We have one more fixture left this season against Longridge Towers next week.

Mrs  Wright

Jules Birdsall, 02/03/2017

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