U9A Netball v Fettes

22nd February 2017

U9A Netball 22 Feb Fettes

We were very pleased to be able to take all of the U8’s and U9’s to play in Edinburgh in three teams against Fettes School. The girls enjoy the whole experience, the bus journey (for most) the match and most importantly sampling and providing the very important critique for the St Mary’s Guides to school match teas! Fettes School will be pleased to know they rank very highly!

After a late arrival the U9A team were rush outside for their game and we had to organise ourselves for a very quick start. This did not preclude the team from getting off to a positive start. St Mary’s lost the toss but quickly gained possession of the ball and passed it up into their attacking D. This became a prevalent pattern of play for the majority of the game and allowed St Mary’s GS Kate to score her first goal of the match. Fettes School are reputable for their strong teams and this positive start provided a vital confidence boost.

During Monday’s lesson we had been working on some set movement from the centre pass and the back line pass. It was wonderful to witness the girls execute this and build on from it. The team structure and passing was strong and allowed them to dominate the game. Cadence and Iona defended tightly giving Fettes few shooting opportunities. Iona intercepted numerous passes in the centre of the court and was able to turn play around efficiently allowing Tiggy, Sophie and Emily to receive the ball and move it up in to attack. Emily was particularly good at anticipating when and where to move.
Skye in WD provided a key link between attack and defence. She consistently dodged with speed and agility to lose her opponent and always provided an option of someone to pass to. Tiggy’s feisty and perpetual fight for the ball gave St Mary’s many opportunities to regain possession and the chance for either herself or Kate to shoot for goal.

At the end of a clean and well fought game St Mary’s finished as the well deserved winners, 5 goals to 2. An excellent result, very well played girls.

Mrs Rhodes

Jules Birdsall, 24/02/2017

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