U9B Netball v Fettes

22 February 2017
U9B Netball 22 Feb Fettes

The atmosphere was one of great excitement as all the girls from Form 3 and 4 travelled to Edinburgh to play Fettes.  Due to our late arrival the decision was taken to play 5 minute quarters, Fettes won the toss and chose to have first center pass. 
The starting 7 for the B team of Celia - GS, Zara - GA, Emerson – WA, Anna – C, Lilly – WA, Nicole– GD and Ally at GK quickly got themselves organised, taking up their positions on court.  Play during the first quarter was fast and furious and there was some lovely positional play from the St Mary’s attackers.  Although both teams had shots on goal the score was 0 – 0 at the end of the quarter. 
Florence came on as GD at the start of the second quarter.  Anna, Emerson and Celia continued to work well together and passed the ball to Zara in the D who scored. Play continued to switch between Fettes and St Mary’s and the defence of Ally, Florence and Lilly manged to stop Fettes from scoring on a number of occasions.
Another team swap saw Nicole come on at GK for the third quarter.  Despite both teams moving the ball between ends, with the St Mary’s team working well to find spaces, mark players and pass accurately, neither team scored. 

The girls, during the fourth quarter, remained focussed and it was lovely to see them working well as a team, moving into space and some super catching and accurate passing.  We successfully moved the ball into our attacking D and Celia scored.  Fettes quickly counter-attacked and the defence trio tried hard to keep them out of the D but unfortunately the opposition scored.  
Both teams had further attempts on goal but were unsuccessful and the final score was 2 – 1 to St Mary’s.
The girls demonstrated some excellent netball skills and the hard work they have put in during training paid off. 
Well done to all the girls and thank you to our enthusiastic supporters.

Mrs Routledge


Jules Birdsall, 23/02/2017

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