U9A and U9B Rugby v Merchiston

Wednesday 22nd February 2017

This Wednesday’s fixture was a rare opportunity for a good game of rugby in the Lent term when predominantly football is our focus.

Our As played first, and what a battle it was. It was a pleasure to see a Merchiston side that was aggressive in attack and strict in defence, offering good competition at break downs and shipping the ball wide.

As our boys play a similar style of strong tempo rugby, the game was fantastic with some outstanding play from all the boys involved.

From my perspective as a coach, I was really impressed with the way our boys were looking to ship the ball to the width, allowing our main runners to snaffle up some juicy tries by the corner flags, by Ollie dG, John and Josh.  Furthermore, our effort at the break down was super, we were competing for ball and turning it over regularly, displaying slick discipline and strength from boys such as Nic, Tristan and Henry .  In line with this, lads were making great carries with the ball making a huge impact on the game, gaining yards and sucking in the opposition, Isaac  B and Ewan were noted for this. Tackling was excellent, a few missed tackles but that’s rugby.

A really impressive game from both teams, a really high quality of rugby was on display, well done to all involved.

A big thanks to Mr Blair and the parents for coming to coach and support respectively.
Final score: St Mary’s 5 – Merchiston 2

Following our A fixture, our Bs took to the field. In what was a hard game, our boys came away with their heads held high and I could not have been prouder.

Playing the same very able Merchiston A side, our lads were in for a hard shift and were aware of this. Being smaller and not as swift we were in for a hard 20 minutes of rugby. Despite this, however, the boys were eager for the opportunity just to have a dig. Despite the score due to some very slick Merchiston tries, our lads battled on to the final whistle.  

Robbie as captain made great yards displaying a beautiful step in attack, followed by Isaac S, Finlay, Tom , Blair and Jack, all being eager to make carries and hit the Merchiston line as hard as they could. Toby , Christian were robust in defence, making great line speed and applying pressure, where they could on the Merchiston line.

I could not have been prouder of our boys, as the resilience they showed throughout the entire match was of the highest standard. After every Merchiston try, the lads would be up and ready to have another shot, and in defence, lads were putting their bodies on the line making excellent tackles. There were no tears or tantrums, and the Bs should be very proud of themselves for displaying such high levels of sportsmanship.

Final score: St Mary’s 0 – Merchiston 10

Mr J Brown

Jules Birdsall, 23/02/2017

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