Week ending 3rd February 2017

Monday 30th January
Tonight in the boarding house it was decided that no football was to be played during games. Hence after dinner and prep, the Juniors left to help Mr Rawson build a Warhammer table whilst the seniors were subjected to Mrs Scott Aiton's choice of game. Luckily it was a good one. All the seniors were split into teams and given glow sticks. We then headed out to the orchard to play glow in the dark ultimate frisbee. After some minor malfunctions keeping the glow sticks attached to the frisbee, the Juniors joined us for the last 10 minutes and we ended up having a fantastic game. All the children then headed back to the changing rooms to shower and get ready for bed, shattered from all their running on the frisbee field. 

3 feb

3 feb 1

Tuesday 31st January
On the last boarding night of January, boarders came in waves for dinner because of Wind In The Willows rehearsals. After steak pie and vegetables all the boarders did an hour of prep before games. It was raining outside so the activities for tonight were sardines in the Hamilton and Sanderson buildings, and the creation of food animals in the kitchen. The tasty delights created by the boarders were then offered as part of supper to give a healthy addition to the usual hot chocolate and toast. 

3 feb 2

3 feb 3

3 feb 4

Wednesday 1st February
February the 1st was an extremely busy night in the boarding house. We had teriyaki chicken wings, curly fries and salad for dinner, before everyone went to the art room or ICT room for free time. At 7pm all the boarders met on the tennis courts and then headed to the orchard to play German Spotlight and Milk, Fire, Water. Everyone then came back to the boarding house for showers and supper. 

3 feb 5

3 feb 6

3 feb 7

Thursday 2nd of February
Time seemed to fly by tonight in the boarding house. The boarders had a roast for dinner and then went to prep for an hour. After the boarders had worked hard doing homework, they had the option of playing wide games in the orchard or team games (football, netball, rugby) on the tennis court. The boarders dispersed themselves relatively evenly between the two activities and proceeded to have a great 30-45 minutes running around outside. Everyone then filed into the kitchen for supper and then headed upstairs to bed. 

3 feb 8

3feb 9

Miss Jessie McRae

Jules Birdsall, 06/02/2017

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