2nd VII v Belhaven Hill

Wednesday 1st February 2017
13 – 1

2nd VII netball 2 feb
The fog had lifted and a slither of sun was trying to poke its way through the clouds as Belhaven arrived to take on the St. Mary’s netballers this afternoon. Having had a training session from Katie Quarterman and Laura Vickery, PE teachers from Downe House, the girls were having the privilege of being umpired by them for their matches. This was highly beneficial for both teams as not only were the girls on the court getting expert advice but also their coaches were able to concentrate on their team’s play, rather than the umpiring.

It was a great game for both sides and both had strengths and shared possession equally for most of the game. St Mary’s took control in the first half and Rowan and Iona scored 5 from 8 shots. However, Belhaven’s interception was second-to-none and St. Mary’s were hiding behind their markers and throwing high, loopy passes which inevitably got caught by the Belhaven markers in front. Georgia and Abbie were marking strongly in our defensive D however, and, made it difficult for Belhaven to get many shots at goal. Georgia was using her long reach to take back possession very effectively, whilst Abbie’s movement proved crucial for bringing the ball back up the court to our central players

The second quarter was very evenly matched and Belhaven were marking tightly. Jessica, Lucy and Isla were darting about the centre third, moving off the ball well, with some excellent passing up the court to our shooters. The girl’s footwork greatly improved in this quarter and no one was pulled up, which was a real improvement. With only 1 goal being scored, it showed that Belhaven were fighting back.

The girl’s target for the third quarter was to not give away possession due to holding onto the ball for too long. With Belhaven’s marking still challenging our girls to get free, when the ball was in hand they had to be observant and pass the ball at exactly the correct time when a player managed to dodge their marker. Our passing in and around our attacking D was also much improved in this quarter, with Iona scoring 3 out of 4 shots and Rowan 1 out of 2 shots. In their eagerness to receive the ball in the D, both had to watch their contact with their opposite player. However, by moving off the ball more, it meant that receiving it in a good position to shoot from happened more regularly.

In the fourth quarter we had a reshuffle of positions and the girls played well. The tips that had been given by the umpire about being offside and controlling their contact and footwork had really sunk in. The girls played some lovely netball with minimal errors. They had gelled as a team and were working to their strengths. Iona and Georgia (now playing GA) score 3 goals from 3 shots and Belhaven also got a cracking goal to end the game on.

It was a very enjoyable game and really good netball was played by both sides. Thank you to Belhaven for coming down and being such good sports, to the ladies from Downe House for umpiring and of course to the many supporters coming to cheer on the girls on both teams. The St. Mary’s girls did themselves proud, they listened hard to instructions and advice, and they kept their focus, which meant their play got better. Well done!

No match next week but we’ll be facing Fettes (away) on the 22nd February.

Mrs J Scott Aiton


Jules Birdsall, 03/02/2017

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