Under 9 Netball v Belhaven

Wednesday 1st February 2017
U9 Netball 1 feb

The Under 9 A and B teams visited Belhaven for their 3rd match of the season.  Well done St Mary’s we can catch, we can throw, we can move and SHOOT. 
St Mary’s A team got off to a really positive start and had much more idea about who to throw to and were able to move quickly to get into space.  Cadence started off as GK where she marked her opponent closely and made sensible passes out of the circle.  Iona in GD was good at intercepting the ball and preventing Belhaven from getting into a goal shooting position.  Skye at WD moved quickly about the court and got into some excellent positions to receive the ball.  The score after the first quarter was 4 – 0 a very convincing start.
The captain this week was Sophie and she played at C.  She was good at linking the defence and attack and marked her opponent closely.  The score at half time was 8 – 1 with goals from Tiggy at GA and Kate at GS.  These 2 shooters focused on the net and consistently shot with accuracy.  Emily at WA was very good at staying in her attacking third and creating a good link between C and the shooters.
To not dishearten the Belhaven team all the girls switched positions every quarter with all the team except Sophie having a go at shooting and manging to score a goal.  A super game with a final score of 14 – 1 to St Mary’s.
The Under 9 B team started the game enthusiastically with all the girls remembering their positions and roles and picking up their opposite numbers quickly.  Movement around the court was much improved and it appeared that the teams were quite evening matched with the score after the first quarter being 1 – 1.  As the game progressed St Mary’s started to dominate the game and the ball was moved quickly from the centre third into the D by Anna at C, Freya at WA, Zara at GA to enable Celia as GS to shoot and score.  Ally at GK, Lilly (captain) at WD and Nichole, GD  were quick to mark their players and intercept the ball when Belhaven came into our defensive third,  quickly passed the ball to our attacking players.  The score at half time was still close at 2 -1 to St Mary’s.
The girls continued throughout the remaining 2 quarters to move the ball around the court and had a number of successful shots on goal, Beattie came on as WA at half time and was quick mark her opponent closely.  During the second half of the match St Mary’s kept the ball in their attacking third, so to ensure all the girls were fully involved in the game, a number of players moved from defensive to attacking positions for the final quarter.  The final score was 7 - 1 to St Mary’s, a fantastic result and well deserved.
U9 Netball 1 feb B

Well played to all the girls, some super netball from all of you.    
Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Routledge

Jules Birdsall, 03/02/2017

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