Form 7 Design and Technology

Form 7 have been building model ballistae in Design and Technology this term.

These wooden terrors were used by the Romans to pick off the defenders on top of the Eildons some two thousand years ago.


A real ballista could fire an iron-tipped bolt the size of a fence post or a stone ball like a grapefruit up to 500 yards.

DT 1

dt 2

Our ballistae were made from lollypop sticks and powered by torsion springs of twisted string rather than rawhide but they still pinged a pencil with a satisfying amount of force at the target.

dt 3

dt 4

Jessica W scored a direct hit on the bullseye of her target to win the contest.

Well done to all involved!

Mr T Rawson

Jules Birdsall, 02/02/2017