1st VII Netball v Belhaven Hill

Wednesday 1st February
St. Mary’s 19, Belhaven 12

1st Netball 1 feb
On the back of a tough game last week with Mowden but an excellent coaching session on Monday with Miss Katie Quarterman and Miss Laura Vickery from Downe House, the girls set forth for today’s game with purpose and steely determination. The game itself was well contested and the girls had to work hard to get the better of the Belhaven girls, but work hard they did and they earned themselves a thoroughly deserved win.
With the luxury of having Miss Vickery from Downe House umpiring the game, I was afforded the opportunity to keep some match stats and offer words of encouragement from the side lines. The first quarter was slow to get going. One or two careless infringements squandered possession and some good defending from the Belhaven girls, in particular in the shooting circle, made it tricky for Millie and Louisa. As the quarter unfolded, both teams started to find their rhythm but it was Belhaven who went into the first interval with a slender 7 – 5 lead.
In the second quarter the girls slowed their game down and focused on retaining possession and cutting out the mistakes which cost us dearly in the first period. As a result they dominated the quarter and secured an 11 – 9 lead going into half time. Some excellent mid-court interceptions from Lucy, Anna and Naesi helped to thwart many Belhaven attacks, Eloise and Chloe were alert to rebounds from the Belhaven shooters and then supplied some excellent passes to Lucy and Anna to initiate our attacks and both Louisa and Millie shot well, hitting 100% and 75% respectively.
The third quarter was fairly even. At times we were careless with possession and too many passes were either intercepted or loose. That said, the girls worked hard and matched the Belhaven girls every step of the way. The goal tally for the quarter perhaps reflected some excellent defending from both sides and as such, we started the final quarter with a 14 – 12 advantage.
I could not have been more proud of the girls in the final ten minutes. They kept their composure in all areas of the court and, once again, dominated play. Eloise and Chloe in particular were instrumental in preventing the Belhaven girls from scoring, but all the girls played superb netball and helped in the scoring of a further five goals, ending the game 19 – 12.
Miss Vickery awarded Louisa with the ‘Player of the game’ award as a result of her superb shooting and movement around the circle. A huge thank you to Miss Vickery and Miss Quarterman for umpiring the game today and also for their inspired coaching session on Monday. Very well done today, girls. That was a great win and thoroughly deserved!
Next Wednesday the Dandylion netball trialists travel to Fettes for their 2.00pm trial.
Mr P

Jules Birdsall, 02/02/2017

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