U9 Netball v Mowden Hall

25th January 2017

The Under 9 netball teams travelled to Mowden Hall School, in Northumberland, to play ‘High 5’ netball.  High 5 involves all players changing position, in a set rotation, at the end of each quarter and is excellent for developing positional play as it allows the players to experience all the different roles within the team
The ‘A’ team of Cadence, Emily, Iona, Sophie and Tiggy played first and they had learnt a lot from their first game last week.  Their marking, when in a defensive position, was much improved and they were more mobile in attack.  During play the 2 teams were quite evenly matched in ability but the St Mary’s girls struggled to get the ball in the net despite numerous opportunities and this was reflected in the final result. St Mary’s did manage to score right at the end of the match making the final score 4 – 1 to Mowden Hall.
The ‘B’ team’s opposition were much stronger and technically more proficient.  Ally, Emerson, Harriet, Kate and Lilly demonstrated good understanding of what was required of each position within the team on court and quickly adapted to their new roles at the start of each quarter well.  Their movement into space and defensive play was much improved from last week. However Mowden Hall were quicker to move the ball around the court and into their attacking third.  St Mary’s scored a super goal in the 2nd quarter, unfortunately Mowden were more successful with their shots on goal and the final result was 8 – 1 to Mowden Hall which isn’t a true reflection of the game.
Well played to all the girls, great improvements all round.  Guess what we’ll be practising on Friday!!!!!!
A big Thank You to all the girls for their sensible and co-operative behaviour when we had a flat tyre on our way home.

broken bus 3

Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Routledge

Jules Birdsall, 26/01/2017

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