U9 Football v Belhaven Hill

18th January 2017

U9 Football 18 jan

U9 Football 18 jan 1

U9 Football 18 jan 2

U9 Football 18 jan 3
photographs by Mrs Letts

All the lads were keen for our first fixture of the season, which was a hefty 11 a side encounter on the Belhaven main field, every boy from the squad was involved which was fantastic stuff.

Upon arrival we were met by Mr Bailey and his team of boys who were most welcoming and superb hosts for the day. After changing we filed out onto the field of dreams, where the smell of a fresh bonfire filled our nostrils.

A brief training session covering key skills such as passing, shooting and saving was our starter which also doubled as a robust warm up, to get all the boys eager for the main event which followed suit at 3pm.
The fixture was outstanding, a very busy game with at one point 26 boys being on the field at once! The first half was dominated by St Mary’s when the 11 a side was still in force, John Imray scored a beautiful first screamer within minutes of the starting whistle. This was followed by Ewan Gibson melting in a juicy goal from the box. Ollie De Gier, along with Henry Salvesen showed their mighty strength off with brilliant passing and kicking ability. Josh Cully showed his pace well, as did Robbie Lewis who had shots on goal as well as linking play nicely together.

The second half was busier with 13 a side and our defence held the best it could, with super tackling and passing from Toby Tweedie, Nic Jackson and Isaac Buchanan. Tom Dolby, Blair Adamson, Jack Helm and Isaac Stuart were robust in the mid, offering strong opposition and grit against a tide of Belhaven players. However, they managed to sneak in two beautiful goals to make us even.
We came back with a stunning cross from Josh Cully which was headed into the net by a Belhaven player, which very unlucky indeed. But despite this lead, one of Belhaven’s strong players managed to farmer the ball into our net just before the closing whistle.

A Great day of football and plenty of screamers to enjoy! We look forward to our next fixture against Merchiston next Wednesday on the 25/1/17

A huge thanks to all parents who came to watch, these colours don’t run…
Mr J I Brown

Jules Birdsall, 20/01/2017

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