2nd VII Netball v Cargilfield

Wednesday 18th Jan
12 – 10

2nd netball 18 jan
The second match for the 2nd VII was as thrilling as a match could be. The ever strong Cargilfield were the opposition this week and true to form, they came with grit and competitive spirit and the St. Mary’s girls needed to rise to the challenge.

Both teams turned out to be very evenly matched and all the girls were keen for a fast paced game, whilst both coaches kept calling for the play to be slowed down so that the girls ensured their passes and movements were purposeful. Cargilfield had a noticeable height advantage over the St. Mary’s team and so the girls had to adapt their play to account for this. They soon realised that attempting high, loopy passes was not a successful manoeuvre and they needed to put the extra effort in to run in front of their marker to receive a pass. This was vital for our shooters Tegan, Iona and Rowan, who began to dart about and use hand signals to show where the wanted the ball in the D, in order to be in a decent position to get a shot at goal. This was well supported by Jessica W as Centre, who also used her speed and agility to move around the court and away from her marker. Although a hefty collision between them in the 3rd quarter had both Centre’s on the ground and the Cargilfield player requiring an ice-pack, but luckily she was back on her feet and playing again for the 4th quarter. Isla and Abbie did a great job supporting Jessica as the Wings on the court and both tried hard to keep their width and move the ball away from the centre of the court. Back in defence, Jess K and Georgia had their work cut as Cargilfield had a tremendous shooter who did not seem at all phased by taking a shot from the edge of the D, and was successful in most of her shots too. Georgia was tasked with marking her whenever in the D and Jess did some super blocking and marking of Cargilfield’s other shooter and was always snappy at getting the ball back out to our central players.

As the score suggests, it was a tight match and to be honest, it could have gone either way. It was 8-7 to us at the end of the 3rd quarter so it was down to the St. Mary’s girls to dig in deep for the final 10 minutes if they were going to get the result they wanted. You could almost see the fire in their bellies and the determination in their eyes as they walked back to their starting positions, and they did not let themselves down.

It was a fantastic match for both teams and brilliant to get a result against an equally capable Cargilfield team. There are a few things to iron out but the girls can look forward to next Wednesday when we’ll be playing Mowden Hall at home.
Mrs J Scott Aiton

Jules Birdsall, 20/01/2017

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