U9B Netball v Cargilfield

17 January 2017

U9B 18 January
The Under 9 B team were very excited to be playing their first netball match away at Cargilfield.  The team of Anna, Ally, Emerson, Lilly, Beatie, Tallulah and Zara quickly positioned themselves on the court.
The match was played over 3 thirds and despite some lovely defensive play by St. Mary’s, Cargilfield dominated the game and quickly scored 2 goals.  During the first break the girls listened carefully to the advice given and during the second third marked their respective players closely.
Cargilfield continued to control the game throughout the remainder of the match and scored a further 3 goals.  The final result being 5 – 0 to Cargilfield.
This was the first game for many of the girls and it was clear that they had a good understanding of their positions, where they were allowed to go on the court and the need to remain close to their opposite number.
Well done Anna (Captain), Ally, Emerson, Lilly, Beatie, Tallulah and Zara
Mrs Routledge

Jules Birdsall, 20/01/2017

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