1st Netball v Cargilfield

Wednesday 18th January
St. Mary’s 22, Cargilfield 9

1st netball v cargilfield 1811
On the back of a good result last Wednesday against Loretto, the girls were keen to put together another good performance today against Cargilfield and they did just that! We had a great afternoon, the girls played very well indeed and thoroughly deserved to emerge victorious.
The first quarter was nervy from both sides. The shooters took time to find their range and subsequently the scoring was slow to get going. However, before too long, the girls all began to relax, goals were being scored at both ends and the game began to flow.
The second and third quarters saw us lengthen our lead thanks to the phenomenal work rate from all the girls. One or two passes were off target but as a whole, passes were firm and accurate, mistakes were few and far between and we held onto possession very well. As ever, the Cargilfield girls worked hard and disrupted the play very effectively. We found it hard to keep pace with them when chasing the ball and lost it whenever our movement slackened. That said, possession was cherished and used very efficiently. Millie (GA) and Louisa (GS) perhaps weren’t as accurate as I’ve seen them but did everything they had to do and scored one or two corkers! Anna (WD) and Lucy (C) marked two very nippy and dynamic girls and did so extremely well. They were worked hard but turned the ball over numerous times and distributed the ball superbly. Naesi (WA) and Chloe (GD) also had their work cut out. The Cargilfield GA was tall and everywhere but Chloe matched her every step and made her job very difficult. Naesi secured and used possession very well and enabled both Millie and Louisa to take up very effective positions in the D. Eloise (GK) was kept on her toes. The Cargilfield shooters took time to find their range but more often than not, were only given one attempt thanks to some superb marking and blocking from both Eloise and Chloe.
For the final quarter one or two changes were made which gave the shooters at both ends different challenges; taller girls marking them and subsequently they didn’t see as much of the ball. The shots they did get were blocked well and they were certainly afforded no rebounds. So this gave us one or two points to focus on for the future but it didn’t dampen spirits after what was a fantastic display of netball and a well earned win. Very well done, girls. Next week we welcome Mowden Hall to St. Mary’s for a 2.30pm start.
Mr P






photographs by Mrs M Harvey

Jules Birdasll, 19/01/2017

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