2nd XI Football v Longridge Towers

Wednesday 11th January 

2nd XI Football 11 Jan 17 b

The conditions were tough for the game. The wind was howling as the boys fought through the weather. After a close first half, the teams were levelled at 0-0.

The defensive players showed a remarkable effort as they swatted any dangers clear from striking distance. The attacking positions worked incredibly hard as a team to beat the opponents line, but unfortunately the shots for goal were saved. Nevertheless, I was so pleased to see this group of young men playing as a team and patting each other on the back when mistakes were made.

The whistle then blew for the second half. A screamer of a goal was scored and the boys continued their hard work on the pitch. When the second half came to a close, we ended up short of Longridge 1-3.

All the 10 players should be proud of their efforts. A couple of people even played through injuries which says a lot about the chemistry of this bunch.

We have looked at what went right/wrong and hope to improve and learn in the next game.

Max Cummins (GAP student)


Jules Birdsall, 13/01/2017

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