U11A Netball v Loretto  

Wednesday 11th January 2017
at Loretto
St.Mary’s-14: Loretto-7

Captain: Mhairi

A super start to our netball season; Musselburgh, like Melrose, was cold and windy but this certainly did not hinder play. In our two games sessions we had practised quick passes, clear communication and movement off the ball. It is fair to say that every member of the team had taken these important points on board.

The first quarter saw us dominate possession though we struggled to get the ball in the net-not through lack of ability but because of the wind! After 10 minutes we were 3-1 in the lead but with more in the tank!

The second ¼ almost mirrored the first; superb linking play between Molly S, Eliza and Mhairi in the mid court saw plenty of ball being fed to Hannah and Lara. As the wind had died down Hannah managed 3 goals again to Loretto’s 1. (Running score 6-2)

After a quick chat about movement in the D we were ready for the third ¼. This was the best performance of the afternoon-the girls were on fire. Rosie and Sumaiyah barely let any attempts at the Loretto goal such was their ability to intercept; Lara got her ‘eye in’ and scored 3 goals one after another, passing was slick and movement off the ball rapid and tactical. Seven goals were scored to the opposition’s two (Running score 13-4)

With us visibly tiring, Loretto, to their credit, came back at us in the final 1/4. They became more confident and themselves managed some lovely passages of play. We were beaten in this final phase by 3 goals to 1. (Final score 14-7)

Well played girls, this was a fabulous display of teamwork.

Hannah C x 9
Lara x5

U11A Netball 12 Jan

U11A Netball 12 jan 2

Mrs F K Bell

Jules Birdsall, 12/01/2017

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