Under 10 Netball v Loretto

Wednesday 11th January
St Mary’s 14 – Loretto 9
Captain – Elena

Pic - Loretto 11 Jan
First Quarter – SM 4 – L 0
Our first netball fixture of the season took place this week and after winning the toss we confidently stood in our positions to play.  Quick thinking, accurate passing and successful marking of players helped us to quickly score and take the lead in the first quarter with some great work from Willa and Elsa.  Freyja and Anna kept the ball moving towards the goal and carefully looked for eye contact before passing to others. 
Second Quarter – SM 2 – L 2
Our hosts picked up their speed and perfected their skills to score two goals but with a swap of position in GS, Emily scored a lovely goal along with another from Willa.  Imo, Elena and Emma worked hard to stop any further goals by keeping the area around the net carefully protected. 
Third Quarter – SM 2 – L 3
Although Willa scored another two goals, the Loretto team were getting into their stride with the quick thinking of their skilful GA and GS.  They scored an impressive 3 goals this quarter although but I was impressed with the fighting spirit of Imo as GK.
Fourth Quarter – SM 6 – L 4
A few more position changes proved to be successful with Elena moving to GD as we continued to increase our score from our 8-5 lead. The squad had to make sure we kept our attack fast paced and our defence strong.  I was impressed with Freyja’s determination as Centre to move the ball towards the net at every opportunity.  Similarly, Elsa and Willa did not disappoint and scored a total of 6 goals and although Loretto scored 4, we were thrilled with our overall winning score. 
Great work girls!  Take every chance to prepare for our next fixture against Cargilfield. 
Mrs Wright

Jules Birdsall, 12/01/2017

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